Click, Move, Click, Click – The story of an action

advance Wars 006 from Eurogamer

For the last week I have been obsessively trying to recall my past life with a game. It all started last Wednesday, me and Kalmfist were round a friend’s house chewing the fat about games. Kalmfist mentioned in a quiet, embarrassed voice that we used to spend all night playing Advance Wars, passing the DS between us, one person clicking, the other quietly waiting for their turn.

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The Prison – Wasteland 2

Wastelands 2

It was obvious that the Red Scorpion Militia (RSM) needed to be dealt with, even before the Rangers arrived in their territory. Talking to the locals confirmed the Rangers’ worst fears; the RSM were not a militia, rather they were a brunch of bandits who raped, murdered and tortured the people they were supposed to protect. So wiping them out seemed like the right thing to do and the Rangers dutifully performed their task until they encountered the Prison’s defensive guns. Despite careful scouting and a good defensive line, the Rangers were wiped out without firing a shot.

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