Homeworld Remastered, PC, 1999 and 2015


I desperately wanted to play Homeworld when it was first released in 1999, but my computer was more than six years old at the time and didn’t stand a chance of being able to run it. Instead I pined for it, dreamt of it and persuaded Kalmfist to buy it; not that that did me any good, since he lived on the other side of the country at the time.

But this year, I finally got to play it and I was not disappointed. Homeworld is a 3D, real-time strategy game set in space. Your aim is to guide the Mothership and the rest of the fleet safely to your ancestral Homeworld. While it is a difficult game to learn, it rewards players who invest the time and effort necessary to master its systems and by the end of the game you truly feel like a skilled space tactician.

What is most striking about the game is the sheer size and majesty of the experience. It does a magnificent job of using scale to demonstrate the vastness of space. But more than this, it uses magnificent visuals combined with a haunting soundtrack to help the player feel as if they really are in the story. Alone, running from an enemy who ruthlessly destroyed your civilisation, your fleet is at once huge and powerful against opponents and yet tiny and insignificant against the backdrop of space. I felt compelled to protect them against the harsh empty vacuum of space and help them reach their Homeworld.

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