The Professor I can understand – Divinity: Original Sin

Divinity Orginal Sin

The Professor I can understand, a more upstanding example of a Source Hunter you would struggle to find. He’s always tried to lead by example and demonstrate how this sacred order should behave. But Miss Rat, well Miss Rat would nick anything that isn’t nailed down…in fact she’d nick anything that was nailed down and just take the nails as well.

 So I am stumped as to why neither of them took any of the gold that was on offer in the Treasure Room. It’s not like the owner was honest, it’s not even like the owner was alive. So why are they both so frugal when they finally gain access to the Treasure Room?

 After all gaining entry had not been easy, fighting their way through literally a whole dimension of monsters, puzzles and traps, eventually defeating King Boreas. It’s not as if the Treasure Room had been ransacked already, quite the contrary, it defiantly lived up to its billing: gold piled and heaped as far as the eye could see – a haul worthy of a dragon.

 And yet all either of them took was a few books and some magic armour. Despite the rooms cramped with gold, Miss Rat did not take even take even the smallest jewel.

I want to tell you it was because the treasure was cursed, or that it was all a high level illusion, or that her conscience had finally kicked in and she’d realised what’s wrong about stealing. But sadly, the truth is that the gold is just a background in the game and the designers don’t want to unbalance the loot system by giving you loads of gold. I think sometimes the designers should think a bit more about what they paint on the background.

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