The Prison – Wasteland 2

Wastelands 2

It was obvious that the Red Scorpion Militia (RSM) needed to be dealt with, even before the Rangers arrived in their territory. Talking to the locals confirmed the Rangers’ worst fears; the RSM were not a militia, rather they were a brunch of bandits who raped, murdered and tortured the people they were supposed to protect. So wiping them out seemed like the right thing to do and the Rangers dutifully performed their task until they encountered the Prison’s defensive guns. Despite careful scouting and a good defensive line, the Rangers were wiped out without firing a shot.


No way round them,

No way under them,

Can’t go through them

Better leave and crack on with the main mission and leave the freed slaves to their fate…Not good, not good at all, but nothing seemed to get the Rangers past those guns.

They return, having got the second radio relay up and running their commander orders the Rangers back to the prison. Apparently the RSM did not take kindly to the Rangers’ bloody rampage through their territory and have been causing trouble, lots of trouble. The Rangers’ job: go in and sort the situation any way they want, Carte Blanche.

 On their way back to the Prison entrance they encounter Jodi. Jodi is mad and scared; he thought the Rangers would sort out the RSM, when they didn’t he poisoned Commander Danforth’s dogs, the only thing he seems to care for. Poisoning the dogs has made Danforth crazy and Jodi is looking for a way out, a way to deal with the RSM permanently. But he still feels bad about hurting the dogs, he is willing to give the Rangers the cure if they deal with the RSM, and so the Rangers walk up to the guns. Yes Danforth will let them in to cure the dogs, which they do and then the Sarge talks Danforth round; maybe the RSM can change? It certainly seems like the best solution. A deal is struck and the Rangers head off. When they encounter Jodi they explain the compromise they made, Jodi takes it badly and rushes off to kill Danforth himself. The Rangers panic, chase after him and shoot him in the back…this is not right, this wasn’t what was meant to happen. The Rangers are supposed to help people, to stand up against injustice, not shoot innocents in the back.


Let’s start that again. The Rangers go into the prison and cure the dogs then move to high ground, adopt defensive positions. When all is set, Psycho launches a LAW rocket at Commander Danforth and his Lieutenants, killing them outright. The rest of the RSM and the dogs attack the Rangers but all are killed, none of the Rangers are seriously hurt…Surveying the carnage provokes feelings of disgust, maybe the deal could have worked with Danforth, surely everyone didn’t need to die…


The third time is the worst, the Rangers go in make the deal, cure the dogs, on the way out they talk to Jodi, who runs off to seek revenge and provoke an uprising. The Rangers stand and watch him go. A slave revolt would be good. But reforming the RSM would also be good. The Rangers don’t react when Jodi is shot down. Instead they turn and walk off, back to Ranger HQ to carry on with their mission. They are sick of this place, sick of feeling dirty and compromised. Maybe all they can do is try their best and hope things work out; after all they are only human.

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